Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mr. Winston Peters|Minister of the Arts and Culture

Here he is ladies and gentlement your newly elected parlimentary representative of Mayaro Mr. Winston "Gypsy" Peters. Mr. Peters has been appointed Minister of the Arts and Culture. He is currently the 2010 Extempo Champion of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Peters will carry the burden of formulating a plan to give importance to the Arts. He has much to consider but I have two requests for the new Minister of the Arts:
1. Please ensure that every Steel Pan orchestra has a decent building to call home. This building should have an administration office to facilitate visitors and and other facilities to provide music lessons for the members willing to learn. This training should be extended to the community to help keep the youth of the district focused on something worthwhile instead of leaving them to become victims of the gang lords.
2. Please remove the religious yoke from the Carnival celebration and set a date that would be a constant year after year. We don't want a short and a long carnival season. If this is done then the people involved with the carnival could create a plan to capitalize on the season and maximise their profits. This would be a good thing, wouldn't it?

Little Black Boy - Gypsy (Winston Peters) 1997


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